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Special Purpose Machinery

Specialists in the design and manufacture of bespoke machines and equipment, our special purpose machine manufacturers are experts in the delivery of a range of automated systems and solutions. We can design and build bespoke machinery for your specific application, to improve the efficiency of your manufacturing processes and eliminate repetitive, time-consuming manual tasks. 

Our special purpose machinery can be automated to include capabilities in each of the following areas.

Robotic Handling 

Our cost-effective robotic machines handle a wide range of industry applications, including small batch runs and difficult, complex or high value components. Robotic handling can be totally customised to meet your specific needs as part of a larger bespoke special purpose machine or system, helping to reduce manufacturing costs and improve productivity.

Vision Systems

We produce vision inspection systems for a wide range of applications, including recognising product faults, tracking production lines and sorting parts to help eliminate errors, reduce costs and improve quality. This technology can be easily integrated into a larger bespoke special purpose machine.

Assembly & Inspection Systems 

From reducing labour costs to improving production efficiency, assembly systems can incorporate inspection for product damage and can effectively monitor the production process. Our machines can offer a sorting, bagging and boxing solution for components, and can be particularly useful within larger custom built special purpose machinery. 

Optical Glass Rotary Tables

Our optical glass rotary tables are developed specifically for 360-degree quality inspection. Carrying out inspections from front, rear and side, the process uses a transfer feed system to safely handle components, this technology is easily integrated into larger bespoke special purpose machinery.

If you would like to find out more about our Special Purpose Machinery, our expert team can help.


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