What are Vibratory Bowl Feeders?

A Vibratory Bowl Feeder sorts and effectively loads parts onto a production line, consistently and accurately. An electromagnetic drive produces vibration frequencies of 100 pulses per second, allowing the parts to move along the bowl’s tracks in one direction and ensure they are passed on for further manufacturing.

“Our production line requires a consistent and accurate feed of components in the correct orientation.”

Vibratory Bowl Feeders

Sound familiar? A Vibratory Bowl Feeder might be the solution.

  • Vibratory bowl feeders are manufactured to sort and effectively load parts onto a production line.
  • They provide consistent and accurate feeding
  • Suitable for components of different shapes, sizes and materials
  • Lining materials available to avoid product marking
  • High resistance materials to avoid wear
  • Solutions available for large heavy components
  • Capable of varied feed rates

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A Range of Applications

  • From small, light-weight and difficult components to large and heavy components, Adept have solutions to drive components effectively, no matter what the size.
  • We offer drive mechanisms up to 600 series for smaller parts and series 750, 900 and 1050 for larger parts where greater amplitude is needed. All of our bowl tops can be manufactured from a range of materials, including stainless steel or cast aluminium to suit the application and provide high resistance.
  • Our material linings are perfect for all industries, where product marking or friction may occur. We also offer lining to food and pharmaceutical standards.
  • ​Our standard bowl tops are available from 150mm up to 1000mm diameter.
Laurie Palmer
Laurie Palmer,
Business Manager , Adept Automation

Vibratory bowl feeders are the perfect solution to consistently and accurately load components into a production line.

Suitable for a variety of feed rates and a full range of parts, large or small, light or heavy and of all shapes and sizes.

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