What are Linear Feeders?

  • A Linear Feeder transports already orientated components in the horizontal plane.
  • They work alongside a bowl feeder; thereby keeping the bowl fill-height level at a minimum.
  • They also provide a buffer storage.

“We need to transport the orientated parts from a bowl feeder. We also want to minimise the chance of jamming and provide buffer storage so we don’t have to run the bowl-feeder continuously.”

Linear Feeders

Sound familiar? Linear Feeders might be the solution.

Linear feeders are used to transport parts from the bowl feeder to the next stage of a production line.

  • Transport orientated components
  • Use multiple drivers in tandem
  • Keep bowl-fill height at a minimum, allowing easy access
  • Provide a buffer storage & reduce potential for jamming
  • Reduce noise by automatically switching off the bowl feeder (via a sensing device)
  • Perfect for feeding delicate components


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Iain Lane
Iain Lane,
Workshop Supervisor , Adept Automation

Linear feeders can help reduce the likelihood and impact of any jamming.

Primarily they transport your orientated part to the next stage of the production line, but they also provide a buffer storage and allow bowl feeders to run at a lower bowl fill height.

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